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Piece of the Week

OG Rope Chain

Royal Empire Jewelry Piece Of The Week

chainEach week here at Royal Empire Jewelry we will be bringing you a “Piece Of The Week”. This will showcase some of our favorite pieces from our Catalog. As a result each piece has history behind it, each piece has a story. We respect all of our pieces and we just want to relay that care and appreciation of art to our customers. So they know that when they buy from Royal Empire Jewelry, they aren’t just aquiring a piece of jewelry. Rather they are adding to their collection something that has a history and means something.  In conclusion, when you buy from us you are buying jewelry that represents realness and can be respected as more then just a piece of jewelry.

This week our piece of the week is our made to order “OG Rope Chain”. New to Royal Empire Jewelry, our OG Rope Chain is as stunning as it is substantial. Each strand handmade and solid Sterling Silver. All of our pieces at Royal Empire Jewelry are solid. Due to the fact that we don’t believe in cheaping out on our customers.  Therefore we don’t do hollow.  In addition REJ wants to give our customers the best wearable piece of art possible, and of the highest quality. This chain is 2cm thick for your inner badass. We do have 2 other sizes, 1cm (look/buy here) and 0.5cm (look/buy here). All 3 chains as beautiful and as badass as the other. Therefore these rope chains make a statement when worn.

Royal Empire Jewelrys’ OG Rope Chain was first made for a Real OG, Kimo Silva. It was our honor.  A legendary bodyguard, Kimo has worked with Motley Crue, Deadmau5, Nickleback, Slash, Sublime, Sylvester Stallone, Mario Barth…..the list goes on. The Native Hawaiian and his company Gorilla Inc have protected the who’s who of the Music and Film industry.  Only the realest represent Gorilla Inc. One of the most sought after bodyguards in the industry, Kimo is not only a giant in the industry but he also has a heart of gold. As a result when not protecting the stars Kimo is taking car loads of food to the homeless or supporting his friends and family.  Loyal, honorable, real and respected are a few words that describe him.  Hence making Kimo Silva a rare breed. Furthermore it is an honour for us at Royal Empire Jewelry to call Kimo family.

Royal Empire Jewelrys’ OG Rope Chain has a very impressive weight to it. Coming in at 1,051 grams of solid sterling silver.  Our OG Rope Chain comes with a custom REJ clasp.  Guaranteed to keep this beautiful chain secured comfortably on your neck. This chain pays homage to all the great rappers and G’s of the 90’s. Made popular in the gangsta rap and hip hop movement of the 1990’s the rope chain has made a massive comeback. The look and feel of this chain will make you understand why.

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