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About Us

Company History

Royal Empire Jewelry was founded by Colter and Tyne Hardy in 2012.  The company itself was to be a representation of a lifestyle.  Not just the twins lifestyle but like minded individuals that may live by their own rules yet still maintain a certain code that can be respected and admired.  A lifestyle that is raw and real, where the beauty comes in the form of loyalty, respect and honour.  An old school mentality applied in these new school times, where their is more fakes and flakes than ever.  Where the real, solid and truly loyal are as rare and as beautiful as the Hope Diamond.  This way of life is where Beauty meets Badass stems from.  It is represented through the creations the twins designs.  All the pieces are real and solid, nothing comes out of REJ that is fake or cheap.  Every piece is created with great thought put into the design and meaning.  Each piece is made with precious metals, beautiful materials that elevate the quality.  Royal Empire Jewelry gives great attention to detail.  As is the same with life and living by a code, the small details must be given great attention.  If the details are overlooked, the final product suffers.  At REJ we hold ourselves and every single piece we create to a higher standard.  We maintain that those standards must be met and kept in order for Royal Empire Jewelry to not only succeed but more importantly represent itself and the code we at REJ live by.        

Royal Empire Jewelry would like to thank the very important people that have had our back and not only supported REJ, but in some cases are the reason we as a company are operational and where we are at today.  

Scott Hardy
Leslie Hardy
David Hardy
Carol Hardy
Dorene Neufeld
Chance Marchand
Komang Wijaya
Doug Fink
All Family, Blood and Non Blood

Thank you.