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Bareknuckle Scrap For The Strap

Ford Challenges For The Bare Knuckle Boxing World Title


Royal Empire Jewelry couldn’t be anymore excited.  On September 9th we will be in The UK to support REJ Sponsored badass Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford in his World Title Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) Title fight.  We have a long history with both Ryan Ford and the Bare Knuckle Boxing Promotion UBBAD and their Fighters.  So to say this is two Worlds colliding is an understatement.

UBBAD has gone from small venues with guys fighting between square bales the old school way in front of 50 people to huge venues with sell out shows.  Like the O2 Arena where the next event takes place July 1st.  They have taken BKB to a whole new level in the UK.  In the July 1st show we see the legend Jimmy Sweeney, an Irish undefeated Bare Knuckle Boxer and the current Middleweight Champ take on the Ex-UFC star Melvin Guillard for the World Title strap.  Guillard is a beast and his experience in the fight game is undeniable.  But Sweeney is a different breed.  Born to fight, and tough as nails.  Sweeneys boxed but more importantly Bare Knuckle Boxed his whole life.  A stand up guy and someone everybody can respect.  We believe Sweeney will take the Belt home.  Winner of this fight will take on our Champ, Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford on September 9th at another huge venue in England.

Ford is coming off his victorious UBO Light Heavyweight World Title defence against a tough New Zealand Boxer in Robert “The Butcher” Borridge in Singapore.  He was ready to defend his title and even take home another World Title Belt.  With tentative dates as soon as August or as late as October to head back to Singapore.  Unfortunately the promotion he was fighting for started trying to play games with Ford.  As this is the way Ford feeds his family, he wasn’t playing that shit.  As an undefeated highly world ranked boxer with his star rising in the boxing game, he has many choices of solid, reputable promotions to choose from.  So he told the snakey promoter to hit the bricks and moved on to bigger and better things.  He will still be continuing his path to that number 1 spot in the World Boxing Rankings.  But first he is going to take this opportunity to throw down across the pond with the very best Bare Knuckle Boxers in the world.

Bare Knuckle Boxing has a very rich history in the UK.  Especially in the respected Gypsy community.  You get glimpses in movies like Snatch, and you get a nice healthy dose in the great documentary Knuckle (starring Royal Empire Jewelry sponsored legend James Quinn.  Trust me, WATCH IT!  Just click the link here).  Its a sport where Men test there will and heart.  There is no running.  Bone on bone.  For many it is a true test to see what you are really made of.  There is no faking it once you step in that ring.  The meca of combat sports for some.  We have sponsored the UBBAD promotion itself (not currently) and still sponsor many of there Fighters and have for many years.  But this will be the first event that Royal Empire Jewelry will attend personally.  Then to add on top of that to have an REJ sponsored fighter compete.  Let alone it being our Brother Ryan Ford fighting for the World Middleweight Bare Knuckle Boxing Title Belt.  Excuse my language but we can’t fucking wait.